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Every pub in Wickham is haunted. The Goat's Head Inn once tried claiming that it wasn't, but this later turned out to be a publicity stunt.

The soil in Wickham has to be replaced every year because of high quality regulations

Wickham has a mythical big cat, similar to the Beast of Bodmin Moor, although the Beast of Wickham lives in a flat above the greengrocers.

"The Wombles" is filmed in Wickham, as are the underwater "Thunderbirds" and "Stingray" sequences

The most commonly asked for childrens' Christmas present last year in Wickham was a World War II Czekoslovakian service medal

Wickham has a land mass equalling that of the United States. It's just really dense.

Wickham Lab is renowned for its cloning experiments, and provides most of the un-natural animals required for sci-fi and fantasy movies. Its crowning achievement was Falcor the Luck Dragon from the Neverending Story, who now lives in Wickham under a false identity.

Residents of Wickham celebrate Christmas Eve on the 21st of December, rather than the 24th. Christmas Day is still the 25th.

Shares in aggricultural machinery crashed in the mid 70s. This is generally blamed on the release of "Combine Harvester" by the Wurzels.

Freddie Mercury composed Bohemian Rhapsody while staying with some friends in Wickham

The planting of turnips in Wickham is a crime punishable by death

There is one phone line going in and out of Wickham, so only one person can be on the phone to a neighbouring town at any one time

Wickham residents believe that the ability to tapdance is hereditory

The most heinous crime in Wickham's history was in 1946 when a local teenager wrote the word "fridge" in chalk on the side of a barn.

The popular 80's TV series "Trap Door" was filmed entirely on location in Wickham

Wickham's football team once won the world cup, beating Argentina in the final on penalties. The team consisted of three men and a goat.

The highest mountain in Wickham is only six and a half inches shorter than Everest. It's almost completely underground.

Certain scientific studies have suggested that time actually runs one second per year slower in Wickham than it does elsewhere. One theory suggests that the universe's smallest black hole must be nearby, but nobody has ever found it.

Due to a typing error, local byelaws forbid the posession or use of rugs.

Computer technology is scarce in Wickham, with the exception of one Commodore 64 in the town hall (nicknamed "Hal" by the locals). This can be booked in hour-long slots by any Wickham resident, and is currently booked out until May 2038 due to the unexpected discovery of a copy of Fantasy World Dizzy.

The dodo population of Wickham outnumbers the cat population of the UK

Wickham used to be on the Isle of Wight, but the entire town was moved to the mainland in 3 BCE as a good will gesture by the Romans.

The Queen Mother was built in Wickham in 1900 and refused to go anywhere else for routine maintainance

The entire crew of the Mary Celeste all live in Wickham under false identities

The tallest building in Wickham is almost completely underground.

Wickham is the home of the only surviving kangaroo farm in the British isles.

Wickham is the only place in the northern hemisphere where water goes down the plughole clockwise