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Read an article today about why Americans think alcohol has health benefits and it's apparently another "well the French are healthy and they do X so it's healthy to do X."

So here's your periodic reminder that France (and Italy, and Sweden, and Japan, and basically every country you've seen in a "this country is so healthy, what's their secret?" headline) has universal health care.

The secret is access to health care. It's always access to health care.

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I don't know who needs to hear this but

The postal service exists to deliver letters and parcels to people
Not to make money for shareholders

The transport system exists to move people to where they need to go
Not to make money for shareholders

The water, gas, and electricity supplies exist to provide people vital utilities
Not to make money for shareholders

The healthcare system exists to ensure (and that's ENsure, not INsure) the health of the population
Not to make money for shareholders

Shareholders in vital public services are a vampiric drain on those services

Capitalism is a disease

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The parasites have burrowed deep into our public services over the past few decades. The capitalist parasites must be surgically removed, and then our public services must be given the vital care they need.
Been pointed out to me that it is not of benefit to use the overly emotive and fear inducing language of disease and parasitism, that to do this is a tactic beneath us, one also used by the fash.
Perhaps I would have been better to say that capitalism is exploitative and privatises profit while nationalising losses.
Also it's non-consensual- we're forced to take part in the exploitation in order to live anything but a wood hermit life.

Another world is possible Ⓐ

I'm still learning, but it seems to me that Fediblock is basically the online equivalent of putting your fingers in your ears and going "la la la I'm not listening".

I'm doing a great job not starting any rows on Christmas Day, despite being in the same room as a life-long tory voter moaning about the state of the NHS.

The atheist in me is amused that ITV were showing a carol service at the same time the BBC were showing their adaptation of His Dark Materials.

"Sorry, mate, I've got to cancel our plans for this weekend, the plans that we made months ago; they've just announced there's a really exciting episode of Balamory on TV that night"

Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? Almost as ridiculous as it sounds when people change plans because there's some footballs on.