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I just moved all my MySQL databases, running on an old Linux box, over to a MariaDB instance on a RPi 4 8GB. It took less than two hours, everything seems fine, services are all talking to each other and nothing has (yet) caught fire.

I'm waiting for the gut-punch. It's coming.

List of sitcoms which feature actors holding the Nintendo 64 controller wrong

I’m obsessed with this Eastenders episode where Pat Butcher dramatically orders an orange juice at the Vic and it then cuts to the credits 😭 x

Seriously, if you own a website, and need to include certain terms just for SEO reasons, please don't just stick them in the copy without checking it at least makes grammatical sense. It comes across as jarring and causes people (well, me) to look elsewhere.

Congratulations to whoever is doing the PR for the drug dealers in Manchester.


Its not a bad point, but literally every technology's ability to make creating horse porn easier is directly equivalent to its ability to make literally anything else.
If "does it make it easier to create illegal stuff" is your value metric, then we should just kill the internet.

SB Components have just emailed me with the subject "RPi boards now available" but the body of the email explains they're talking about a 3rd party peripheral, not actual Pis.

There is nothing more British than the entire country collectively using the death of the head of state as an excuse to take the day off.

As the experience of using the web becomes increasingly unpleasant in the name of preventing bots from accessing websites, it'd really be nice to know the reason why it's such a bad thing to have bots accessing websites anyway. Or has the cure become worse than the disease?

The downside of having a really complex home automation system like I have is the mammoth programming task required just to change a sodding light bulb.

NEW: We've fined Halfords Ltd £30,000 for sending unwanted marketing emails to people without their consent. This is against the law.

More about the case here:…

Halfords Ltd fined for sending unsolicited marketing emails without consent. £30,000 fine issued for breaching the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations. 498,179 unsolicited marketing emails sent to people without their consent. Legitimate interests incorrectly relied upon as a lawful basis for sending the emails.

@virginmedia Nooooo! The @virginmedia tweet just got deleted after all these years! How will we ever… oh wait 🙂


This country started going downhill the day they changed Personnel to Human Resources.

A huge thanks to everyone involved in our DOG SOLDIERS release and to all our customers who have put it on top of the Official UK Blu-ray Chart 🎉


Dear @trussliz / @RishiSunak the cost of living crisis has left millions worried how they'll make ends meet.

I'd like to formally invite you, as the new PM, to join me asap once you take office for a special hour's @itvMLshow discussion/Q&A to answer/ease people's concerns.… "This is the second callout in 3 days (and there have been others) when the W3W location has been close enough to be believable but wrong enough to be useless. W3W should not be relied upon on its own."

The phrase:

"there is no privacy on the internet"

almost seems like controlled opposition, to convince people to not even try to reclaim their privacy.

Surveillance is not inevitable. Stop normalizing it.

This week I have learned

1) IKEA have a knowledge graph of all of their products, with a proper ontology, in a git repo so they can do easy version control
2) The £5 IKEA Lack coffee table can be easily converted into a 19" equipment rack

I can't decide which makes me happier.

Deal or No Deal in the style of a manga - as requested by Ryan Bridgett-Blake


Somewhere in Leeds a few peoples morning has gone from "oh wow our social stuff is getting some decent views" to "uh oh".

Just because it's on the web or a meme doesn't mean you can use it commercially. If "creative" is in your job title you should know this.

I feel like I've been waiting for ever for this, but now the wait is finally over, and has been well worth it. Thank you, @SecondSightFilm I almost forgot how much I love this movie.
On a related note, turns out the drive in my PC happily reads 4K discs, despite not being marketed as such! I'm going to need a bigger monitor.

"One of the men believed to be involved ... wearing t-shirt, black jeans and white trousers." So were the trousers on top of the jeans, or the other way round? Maybe the trousers were on his head? Come on, Echo, we could be missing vital information here!…

Traffic is not an excuse for lateness. There's ALWAYS traffic. It's not 1965, the motorways are chock full. Simply assume there'll be delays and leave earlier.

Look, BBC... you can release as many versions of Web of Fear as you like, I'm not buying it again until episode 3 is found.

Look, BBC... you can release as many versions of Web of Fear as you like, I'm not buying it again until episode 3 is found.

Police tweet. Local paper writes article about tweet, adding no extra value. Paper then tweets a link to their own article. Now the police (who wrote the tweet) have retweeted the tweet about the article about the tweet that they tweeted. My head hurts. #journalism

Man caught speeding in Andover a day after his driving test

Ever wondered why we (& others) bang on about the importance of curation when working with NHS EHR data? Ever thought, surely it’s easy to work out who has eg diabetes? Then please enjoy this wonderful insight into the brilliance & madness of SNOMED codes…

Ah, Crystal Kingdom Dizzy, the point at which the franchise gave up and became truly terrible...


Your Sinclair Magazine Issue 84, page 1

Full mag -->…

Why are people attacking money saving expert Martin Lewis' wealth? Personally I like taking advice from someone who's obviously good at managing their personal finances. If the man was up to his neck in debt I'd be a bit more skeptical about his money saving credentials.

I never understood the phrase "catching up with friends and family". It kinda implies they're running away from me.

This is Miya and Kiyo. You never know when someone might need a hug, so Miya tries to be proactive about it. Kiyo stays available for quality control. 13/10 for both

an older black cocker spaniel mix sits on the landing of some concrete steps with yellow painted rises. she’s beaming. a gray and white pomsky pup stands on her two hind legs and hugs her friend from behind

As a…
– user
I want to…
– prove I am not a robot by training a robot to become less like a robot
so that…
– the more I train the robot, the more fucking painful it gradually becomes to prove that I am not a robot

Image repeats text of tweet content in image form for some reason