Welcome to Madhouse Beyond! By creating an account you can post here (as well as on most other "Fediverse" sites - think Friendica, Gnu Social, Mastodon, etc). You will also get extra goodies on Flarpyland if you log in there with the account you create here. Don't worry, both sites run on the same server, no passwords are transferred anywhere, or stored unhashed. I try my best to moderate this site, but I have a day job, so there's your content warning. For this reason, the site is listed as containing explicit content, even though in practice it doesn't. Have fun.

Note: This node explicitly contains adult content

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Privacy Statement

At the time of registration, and for providing communications between the user account and their contacts, the user has to provide a display name (pen name), a username (nickname) and a working email address. The names will be accessible on the profile page of the account by any visitor of the page, even if other profile details are not displayed. The email address will only be used to send the user notifications about interactions, but won’t be visibly displayed. The listing of an account in the node's user directory or the global user directory is optional and can be controlled in the user settings, it is not necessary for communication.

This information is required for communication and is passed on to the nodes of the communication partners and is stored there. Users can enter additional personal information that may be transmitted to the communication partner's accounts.

At any point in time a logged in user can export their account data from the account settings. If the user wants to delete their account they can do so at The deletion of the account will be permanent. Deletion of the data will also be requested from the nodes of the communication partners.

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